Bio Stern Tube Oil

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Bio stern tube oil

Importance of Bio Stern Tube Oil in Marine Industry

The bio stern tube oil is used in pipe racks and fin stabilizer. Bio stern tube oil prevents corrosion and rust on these components of the vessel. It can withstand high pressure and long working hours. That the bio stern tube oil is biodegradable and non-toxic is one benefit, but its long period usage is an additional plus. A very important aspect is that the stern tube oil prevents salt water to enter inside the ship.

Bio Stern Tube Oil to Protect the Nature

By using non-biodegradable lubricants nature can be harmed immensely. That is why biodegradable and non-toxic lubricants should be used, especially in the marine industry, where the waters are polluted for example subsequently by leakages. Bio stern tube oil is one of the most used lubricants in the marine industry.

The Polar Code, actually the International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters, demands the same. In order not to pollute the Polar Waters, the Polar Code suggests the use of environmentally acceptable lubricants. To understand, if a lubricant is biodegradable or not, there are some official tests. One of them is OECD 301B. During this test the lubricant is in a close liquid environment for a minimum of 28 days. The CO2-emission is analyzed during that test. When the result shows that the material is at least biodegradable for 60%, the lubricant can be classified as an environmentally acceptable lubricant. Other tests are available, too, as the ISO 15380.

According to the General Vessel Permit, that the US Environmental Protection Agency determined, all vessels that enter US waters have to use environmental acceptable lubricants. So, the best is to use bio stern tube oil for your vessel!