Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant

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Environmentally acceptable lubricants

Why you should use an environmentally acceptable lubricant

The industrial or marine machinery have too much CO2- emission, that means that your footprint is increasing. In order to reduce your CO2- emission and footprint, it is advisable to use environmentally an acceptable lubricant. It has only minimally harm on the nature. Due to its biodegradability and sustainability it is eco-friendly, too.

What is a footprint?

A CO2 footprint shows the harm you expose the nature. There are various ways to decrease the harm and consequently your footprint. One of them is to use an environmental acceptable lubricant. They are designed only to expose the nature to minimal grades of harm. They are minimally harmful and minimally toxic to non-toxic.

You can find lots of test in the internet to calculate your CO2-footprint and tips to reduce your harm on the earth.

Storage of an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant

A wrong storage can lead to wrong viscosity or an improper additive. By taking care from the minute you receive the lubricant, you will not have to change constantly your oil. The storage room has to be clean and dry. A constant temperature and a not too high air moisture are essential. An environmentally acceptable lubricant can get bad at too high temperatures, of course not immediately, but in time. An outdoor storage is not a good idea, as rain and other weather conditions can affect the viscosity of the lubricant. You will get the storage life from your deliverer.

Buy an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant

Buy environmentally acceptable lubricants and help to protect the nature. Environmentally acceptable lubricants are biodegradable and sustainable. That is very important for the protection of nature. Buying an environmentally acceptable lubricant does not mean that your machinery will suffer from this. An Environmentally acceptable Lubricant protects first of all your machinery, for example from corrosion. So, buy environmentally acceptable lubricant to protect both the nature and your machinery!