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Marine lubricant

Desirable Properties of a Marine Lubricant

In order that you find the best marine lubricant for your machinery, we tell you the properties a good lubricant has:

A marine lubricant first of all is biodegradable and non-toxic. Due to the use of the ideal marine lubricant, the service life will be increased. It has outstanding high pressure characteristics, oxidation resistance and protects even at very low temperatures. It is not only biodegradable but also sustainable. Of course, as you do not want to harm the nature, you will use these biodegradable lubricants that have only minimally impact on the ecosystem.

Types of Marine Lubricants

A marine lubricant can be hydraulic oil, gear oil, stern tube oil, grease and wire rope lubricant. Each one is specially designed for the various operation environments. A marine lubricant is used in marine industry, that means for hydraulic systems, dredging, stern tubes, water turbine guide vane bearings, heavy-duty engines, and other machines.

Where you can buy eco-friendly Marine Lubricants

To buy a marine lubricant get in touch with a lubricants expert and he will give you advice in this issue

The Polar Code

The Polar Code is actually the International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters. In this Code are regulations for the Ships Operating. The aim is to contribute the environment protection in Polar region. Thereby Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) act a part. It is necessary that on ships in the Polar Waters EALs are used. The Polar Code prohibits the lead in of general oil, oily mixtures, ballast water chemicals, sewage water and trash.