Marine Oils

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Marine oils

Use of Marine Oils

In the marine industry it is very, very important that the used oils have minimal impact on the nature and that they are minimally toxic. Good marine oils have an increased service life, outstanding high-pressure characteristics, and outstanding protection at low temperatures. Marine oils are used for deck equipment, fin stabilizers, thrusters, davits, hydraulic gates, winches, and in general for hydraulic systems in offshore and marine applications.

Buying Marine Oils

Marine oils protect your machinery from corrosion and pollutants, demolition, wear and tear, machinery damages, overheating and friction. That is why you immediately need to start using marine oils. Important is that you find the appropriate oil for your machinery. You can ask experts for advice. They will explain what you need for your machinery and how to use and store the lubricant.

By using Marine Oils, you also Protect our Planet

As bio marine oils are mineral-based, biodegradable and minimally toxic, you expose the nature only to a minimal harm. That means that you reduce your CO2-footprint (and the CO2-emission of your machinery). In cases of for example leakages, neither fish, nor plants will be critically harmed. Therefore, it is important to buy marine oils that are environmental acceptable lubricants.

There is a code called the International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (the Polar Code); the aim of this code is to protect the Polar Waters from pollution. They suggest that you use environmentally considerate lubricants.