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Benefits of using Bio Oil

By using bio oil you only harm the nature only minimally, because bio oils are, as the name implies, biodegradable and minimally toxic lubricants. By using non-biodegradable oils you will have an immense harm on the nature. The CO2-emission and therewith the CO2-footprint is reduced by using bio oil. Thus, you can save not only your machinery, but also the nature at the same time.

Another advantage is that bio lubricants reduce the wastage of our resources. Bio oil has a long-term performance. With appropriate monitoring you can use the bio oil a long time and that means reducing the costs you spend for oil.

Bio oil prevents from wear and tear, deformation and damages, corrosion, pollutants and friction. As you can see, your machinery will be safe as long as you do the appropriate monitoring.

Forms of Bio Oil

For each different machine type you may need another lubricant. There are hydraulic oils, gear oils, food lubricants, engine oils, compressor oils, bearing and circulating system oils, turbine oils and so much more! Bio oils can be used nearly in each area.

Characteristics of a good bio oil

A good bio oil has a high viscosity index, thermal and hydraulic stability and high resistance to oxidation. Also, a high boiling point and a low freezing point are characteristics of bio oils. The most important characteristic is that it prevents from corrosion.