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Synthetic Gear Oils

09/26/2018 by in category Synthetic Gear Oil tagged as , , ,

Should I use Mineral or Synthetic Gear Oils? Oils are a major topic when it comes to vehicle care. Oils serve as a cushion against wear, keep the inner components free of corrosive deposits and varnish, as well as cool vital engine parts. In the past, it was easy to make oil decisions as the [...]

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Biodegradable oil

09/01/2018 by in category Biodegradable oil tagged as , , , , ,

Substituting Mineral Oil with the efficient Biodegradable Oil Nowadays, environmentalists’ campaigns on the importance of using environmental-friendly lubricants in industries have increased rapidly. While this is happening, most owners of hydraulic installations are at a crossroad when it comes to switching from standard hydraulic oils to the eco-friendly biodegradable fluids. Will the transition affect the [...]

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