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Bio Stern Tube Oil

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Importance of Bio Stern Tube Oil in Marine Industry The bio stern tube oil is used in pipe racks and fin stabilizer. Bio stern tube oil prevents corrosion and rust on these components of the vessel. It can withstand high pressure and long working hours. That the bio stern tube oil is biodegradable and non-toxic [...]

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Stern Tube Oil

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Stern Tube Oil Stern tube oil is an important component in the marine industry. It can be used in many different areas in the marine industry. It can be used in pipe racks and fin stabilizers. The stern tube oil not only lubricates mechanical part of the ship, but also prevents corrosion and rust. It [...]

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Marine Oils

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Use of Marine Oils In the marine industry it is very, very important that the used oils have minimal impact on the nature and that they are minimally toxic. Good marine oils have an increased service life, outstanding high-pressure characteristics, and outstanding protection at low temperatures. Marine oils are used for deck equipment, fin stabilizers, [...]

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Bio Oil

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Benefits of using Bio Oil By using bio oil you only harm the nature only minimally, because bio oils are, as the name implies, biodegradable and minimally toxic lubricants. By using non-biodegradable oils you will have an immense harm on the nature. The CO2-emission and therewith the CO2-footprint is reduced by using bio oil. Thus, [...]

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Bio Gear Oils

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Why using Bio Gear Oils To avoid machinery breakages and defects you should use bio gear oils. Of course, there a lot of other benefits, that are explained below: Bio gear oils enable a long gear life. They prevent wear and tear damages. Deformation and breakdowns are other very important problems you can avoid with [...]

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Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant

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Why you should use an environmentally acceptable lubricant The industrial or marine machinery have too much CO2- emission, that means that your footprint is increasing. In order to reduce your CO2- emission and footprint, it is advisable to use environmentally an acceptable lubricant. It has only minimally harm on the nature. Due to its biodegradability [...]

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Marine Lubricant

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Desirable Properties of a Marine Lubricant In order that you find the best marine lubricant for your machinery, we tell you the properties a good lubricant has: A marine lubricant first of all is biodegradable and non-toxic. Due to the use of the ideal marine lubricant, the service life will be increased. It has outstanding [...]

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What is an EAL? An environmentally acceptable lubricant is a lubricant which is biodegradable and minimally toxic. The aim in using EALs is to help protecting the nature. A lubricant is classified as environmentally acceptable, when the test result of OECD 301B showed that the lubricant is at least %60 biodegradable. Using environmentally acceptable lubricants [...]

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buy Bio-oil

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Buy Bio-Oil and Protect the Nature Various oils are used in order to protect our machines. But what about the nature? Don`t you want to protect the nature, too? We will explain, how you can do this and at that without reducing the efficiency of your equipment! What Bio-Oil exactly is Bio-Oils are eco-friendly lubricants. [...]

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High Performance Lubricants

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The Use of High-Performance Lubricants Lubricants consist generally of a base oil and additives. They have a wide variety of use. They are used for greasing, cooling, sealing and cleaning. Greases reduce the friction and prevent abrasion. The lubricant is also used for mechanical seals and to obstruct extraneous material. High-performance lubricants also prevent disposal [...]

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