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Non Toxic Lubricant

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Non-Toxic Lubricants can be Environment-Friendly and Cost-Effective There are various bio-degradeable oils that can be used while working in vulnerable areas, such as coastal or inland waterways. A green, non-toxic lubricant, known as an EAL, will have a minimal impact on a delicate ecosystem and the wildlife it supports. But choosing the right environment-friendly oil [...]

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Gear oil

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Why you must check the Viscosity of Gear Oil Picking the right gear oil can be a daunting endeavour given the numerous products on the market. The viscosity is one criterion to prioritise when buying a lubricant. Some machines have a qualified product list that indicates the viscosity grade suitable for the particular gear sets. [...]

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Synthetic Gear Oils

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Should I use Mineral or Synthetic Gear Oils? Oils are a major topic when it comes to vehicle care. Oils serve as a cushion against wear, keep the inner components free of corrosive deposits and varnish, as well as cool vital engine parts. In the past, it was easy to make oil decisions as the [...]

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Food Grade Lubricants Food Industry

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Food Grade Lubricants - Why They Are Important in the Food Industry The importance of food grade lubricants cannot be underestimated. To make sure the machines run perfectly, the correct food grade lubricants need to be used to protect machinery. Food manufacturers and the public, who buy their products, need to be sure the food [...]

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Bio Hydraulic Oil

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Switching over to Bio-Hydraulic Oil is easier than ever A lot has been said and written about bio-hydraulic oil in recent years, with manufacturers promoting its use, drawing attention particularly to its properties of biodegradability and toxicity. There are two main types of bio-hydraulic oil that have been tested and well documented,  these are vegetable [...]

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Biodegradable oil

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Substituting Mineral Oil with the efficient Biodegradable Oil Nowadays, environmentalists’ campaigns on the importance of using environmental-friendly lubricants in industries have increased rapidly. While this is happening, most owners of hydraulic installations are at a crossroad when it comes to switching from standard hydraulic oils to the eco-friendly biodegradable fluids. Will the transition affect the [...]

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Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

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Why Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil is becoming a more popular alternative For hydraulic systems to operate with a consistency in productivity, the use (and selection) of hydraulic fluid is important. Critically, traditional fluids are known to contain toxic-based chemicals that are fatal to the environment, with governments - for the most part - universally enacting regulations [...]

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Using Lubricant

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Why using the right Lubricant is so important If you are one of those people who believe that a lubricant has only one use: to make things slippery, read on. Although that might be its main function, using the right lubricant has many other benefits. Apart from reducing friction, it also cuts down on the […]

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