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Switching over to Bio-Hydraulic Oil is easier than ever

A lot has been said and written about bio-hydraulic oil in recent years, with manufacturers promoting its use, drawing attention particularly to its properties of biodegradability and toxicity.

There are two main types of bio-hydraulic oil that have been tested and well documented,  these are vegetable oils and synthetic oils. Both of these have been proven to be safe, easy to use and environment-friendly. For this reason, bio-hydraulic oil is advantageous for industries such as construction, mining, petroleum exploration, and others in which the machinery is in direct and constant contact with the natural world.

Switching to Bio-Hydraulic Oil

In any case, when changing over from conventional mineral based oil to bio-hydraulic oil, there are many different factors that you have to take into consideration. These include the operating temperature of the machine, flow rates and pressure, and the materials the machinery is made out of. You also have to take into account whether or not your hydraulic system is subject to contamination – either from water, dust, or other loose particles – and if the filtration system is a good fit with the new biodegradeable hydraulic lubricant.

This bio-hydraulic oil has been specifically formulated for use with hydraulic systems and circuits with hydrostatic systems. It is long lasting with impressive lubricity and biodegradeability (over 80 percent). This makes this lubricant ideal for general lubrication of heavy machinery that is used outside in rough and even potentially corrosive environments. Its extremely low freezing point makes it apt for working in freezing winter temperatures.