Stern Tube Oil

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Stern tube oil

Stern Tube Oil

Stern tube oil is an important component in the marine industry. It can be used in many different areas in the marine industry. It can be used in pipe racks and fin stabilizers. The stern tube oil not only lubricates mechanical part of the ship, but also prevents corrosion and rust. It is designed to withstand high pressure and extended operation times.

Benefits of Stern Tube Oil

Stern tube Oil has a lot of benefits for the engineering part in marine industry. Extending the oil service life and reducing both lubricant consumption and the costs are only a few of them. As each biodegradable lubricant, it is more economic than others, because it does prevent wastage of resources. It also prevents leakage problems, acts as a cooler and protects the components of the machinery. These are very important tasks. That is why you should buy a lubricant which is characterized by biodegradability and low toxicity. So, buy only environmentally acceptable lubricants.

Biodegradable Stern Tube Oil

Besides the technical benefits, a stern tube oil should be biodegradable and non-toxic, in order not to harm the marine environment. Plants and fish in waters can be affected by each pollution factor. As a conscious person, you will use biodegradable stern tube oil and help protecting the environment!